Tuesday, October 16, 2012

i just don't know

to give you a little background history my entire family has attended Troy University. I think my sister and I are either fourth or fifth generation and we often joke about how we should have gotten some kind of family discount. One of my great grandparents attended, my dad's parents attended, my mom's parents attended, my mom attended, my dad attended, I graduated last year, and my sister is still currently attending. What can I say, we like to keep it in the family!! {I hope no one takes that the wrong way, HA!}

Both sets of my grandparents went into education so I've always been strongly influenced to do the same, but even if they hadn't I still would have gone into education. My mom was cleaning out her attic a few years ago and showed me a drawing where you had to draw out what you wanted to be when you grow up and whatdyaknow? I wanted to be a teacher! 

I've always had a soft spot for children and I've always felt like I could connect with them.

If you read my testimony then you know my husband and I found out I was expecting during my first semester of college. I was determined not to let that burden me and I spent the next 6 years juggling motherhood, wifehood, work, 12 hours at school, and working in the schools when needed. That was definitely a season of my life where things were just done... They weren't enjoyed, sadly, because there just wasn't any time. 

But lately, I've been really interested in homeschooling. It has slowly but surely started to creep it's way into my every thought. Surprisingly I've found that a lot of families I know home school their kids. 

Is this a sign from God that I need to homeschool my children?
 Hannah {big girl} is in 1st grade at an awesome school and has always had amazing Christian teachers... but I still feel like something is missing. 

I know that teachers don't make a lot of money, but it will still bless our family. If I were to take a paying teaching job then my husband could stop working his side jobs and be home more. But if I were to homeschool then we'd be in the same boat financially that we're in now, which isn't bad, but like I said, it would definitely bless this family.

 As it is now the ONLY day we are together as a family of four is Sundays, and as much as I love going to church, I really cherish the time I have with those three amazing people and I don't like to share my time with others.

So then if makes so much sense for me to take a teaching job {when one becomes available} then why do I suddenly feel called to homeschool?

I haven't talked to hubby about this yet mainly because I know what his answer is going to be, but if this is God's will I know it's not gonna go away. 

Anyone know of any great websites that I could research so I could possibly, maybe, convince hubby that it's worth is weight in gold for our children to be homeschooled?

If you homeschool then what was your deciding factor? How were you able to "convince" your strong willed husband that it was best for your children?



  1. I think about homeschooling our kids as well. Mostly because of all the bad things I've seen go on at schools -- bullying, drugs, bad things things just happening. Scares me to send them to school!

    BTW Charming Charlie is a store that has jewelry, shoes, clothes, purses...its pretty amazing! They arrange their store by color! Plus its nicely priced.

  2. I've still got a little while before we have to make school decisions for our little one. But these thoughts have gone through my head. Praying for you as you make this decision. So glad to meet you on the Blog Hop. I look forward to many more posts! :)

  3. It is a tough decision all the way around. You'll make the best decision for your family--even if it's not the easiest. That's what we do. :) I'm following from the blog hop--glad to have found your posts!

    Angela @ amamascorneroftheworld.com

  4. Good luck. That's a tough decision... I feel absolutely zero calling to be a teacher and for my daughter the best choice will be school so sadly cannot offer any advice other than follow your heart! Visitng from the mimmy moxerv


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