Friday, October 5, 2012

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So I have a secret that I’ve been keeping for about two weeks now and as much as I would like to say that I’m pregnant… that’s not my secret. But it is just as awesome.  Hubby got promoted about two weeks ago and today it’s official. He’s CORPORAL Croy with a law enforcement agency that shall not be named. Here’s the only picture we got from that event, mainly because mean mug on the left over there (big girl was in school, {insert sad face here}) wanted to take a nap.

Then it was off to substitute half a day and leave hubby and baby to do as they pleased (play video games and take naps). Oh, third grade, how I love thee!!

Go pick up big girl from school

Take a short nap because, let’s face it! I knew I was going to be WAAAAY up passed my bed time tonight.

Started dinner around 8 this mornin’ (French dip sammiches) in the crock, but started the trimmins’ around 5ish. Ate, gave the girls a tubby and it was off to Awaken at 6:30.

It was amazing, y’all! For it to be our first night.. Just simply amazing! 39 people showed! The music was awesome, the message was awesome. I knew this is where I needed to be tonight! I love my church, don’t get me wrong, I love my church family. I have confided in some amazing women because of that church and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

But, alas we are human, and because we are human there will always be judgment!  And a lot of times I have left feeling judged. Tonight was the first night that I didn’t really feel judged and I felt like I could “hang out” if I wanted to. I haven’t really explained what Awaken is, because I didn’t really know what the Lord wanted it to be until tonight. I still don’t know what the Lord really wants it to be. But I can tell you that this is what I witnessed tonight. We are a worship service for college age and 20 somethings. It’s a BYOC (bring your own chair), fast food, sit on the ground Indian style, praise the Lord on the top of a parking deck a block away from the most popular bar in Downtown Montgomery worship service!

 Im a SonShiner, and I think what Jason (I don’t know if you could call him a minister, but I will) had in mind is that we are supposed to help shine His light. What that meant for us tonight was basically this: we stood out in the street, OKAY the sidewalks, and directed traffic. We got a few weird looks. Some people pretended to be on the phone. It was epic! In the next coming weeks, if there is a college age or 20 something that needs prayer, advice, or needs help finding a church home, that’s where we come in!

I shared my testimony with you guys last week and I plan on sharing it with this group a youngsters roughly around December. Yes, still outside, and on the very top of the parking deck. Outside. I don't think you are getting the full affect here so I'll say it again. Outside, in December! 

We had an film guy out there and he’s gonna work on a short vid for us so we can get in on youtube and whatnot, but until then here are a few pictures from tonight’s event! I will definitely be sharing more in the weeks to come! 

our no name band, brooke guitar and vocals
Ashley, vocals
Thanks for comin out guys!
It's hard to see him, so I put a blip near his head... but look at that view!
Until next time y'all, 
Love God Greatly!

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  1. Congratulations on the promotion!

    Awaken sounds completely awesome and a great experience. I hope it gets even better than it already is. :]

    Found you through follow me wednesday!

    Cait //


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