Monday, October 22, 2012

Excuse me, Dr. Tickle?

I went for my 6 month cleaning last week and my dentist noticed a spot on my tooth that was starting to stain and he wanted to go ahead and cap it before it turned into a cavity so they scheduled me for an appt today. 

{did anyone notice that run-on?}

it's been forever since I've had a tooth filled and completely forgot what it was like

Took the baby with me because I had no one else to watch her

BIG mistake

She wasn't allowed to sit in my lap so I put her in the corner and gave her some toys
simultaneously telling the hygienist "no one puts baby in a corner"

laid down and got they started my NOS
and then a wave of the most sickening feeling EVER came over me...
I started to give in the drugs and I didn't like it one bit! 

Maddie started calling for me and there was nothing I could do about it... I was telling my body to move and it wouldn't.. talk about scary

The doc came in and made his injections and then left to give it a little time to kick in
while he was gone I started to make small talk with the lady and apparently I was too "awake"
and I swear to you, I saw her turn up my NOS and that sickening feeling came back

All I could think of was
"I really gotta pee"
"Oh, Man! I could go for a CFA spicy sandwich"
"Does that mean I'm pregnant?"
"If I'm pregnant, I really hope this drug doesn't hurt the baby"
"I don't want another summer baby!!!!"
"Can they even tell how incapacitated I am?"
"I'm gonna have to blog about this later"

my mind was racing..........
Maddie was good the WHOLE time
she walked around the little office we were in and did so well.. but it FREAKED me out that I was telling my arm to move and it wouldn't

Then I started to get a little mad... if they knew how this medicine would effect me then why would they let me bring the baby?

and then I started praying "Please keep that baby still... Lord, keep her safe"
and I wanted to cry
but once again, I can't make myself do it

Yes, the medicine made me feel so sick
 {and apparently it takes a lot to knock me out}
but if my child wasn't there I could have delt with it a little better...
I could completely focus on myself
but when my children are with me, I'm no longer responsible for just myself...

I have never felt so helpless in my life and if anything can come of this, I beg you PLEASE don't take your babies if you have to have ANYTHING done...

it will tear your heart to pieces! 


  1. oh no! I can't even handle grocery shopping with both kids alone, I can't imagine taking care of even one while at the dentist. The dentist should have gone into depth once he saw that sweet baby :/

  2. That is awful! I'm so sorry that happened. I can't even imagine. I hate the dentist anyway, which is something I desperately need to deal with because I don't want to pass that fear onto my kids. At least your baby was good and didn't need you for anything. I guess just chalk it up to a lesson learned and be thankful it all turned out ok.

  3. This sounds like a nightmare quite literally! Your baby must be such a sweet well-behaved little thing, lucky you! I really don't like going to the dentists :( xx

  4. Holy cow! I've never been given anything like that when having a tooth filled!! What the heck? And they let you leave without someone being with you? Hummmm I'm really surprised they did that with you having your baby there.

    Maybe I'm reading too much into it but boy that sounds like a fishy experience. Like...maybe ask another dentist office if all of that sounds normal.

    Ya poor thing. I wish I could have lent a long distance hand.


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