Thursday, September 23, 2010

I have NOT fallen off

I know that its been a couple of weeks since the last baby update, so I decided to do another one just to ease everyone's fears of another miscarriage... We have NOT miscarried :) I am officially 3 months pregnant! 

Today starts my official 3rd month. The baby is no longer considered an embryo, but a fetus!

I have some pictures of my tummy this week, but I don't think I've "grown" any
since my last post so I am not going to put pictures up.

We go back to the doctor Oct 5. I will be 14 weeks along. 
I was going to wait until then to update, but that meant 
6 weeks without a baby update.

Last time we went to the doctor, the U/S tech had already left for the day
so I put the guilt trip on my doctor. Needless to say, he fired up
the machine so we could see the baby. 

He was not the best at operating the machine.. hehe

We didn't get to hear the heartbeat, but we did see it
We also saw little arms and legs starting to form.

Wes took a video of the appointment, but for some reason, it won't let me upload it
I was able to upload it to my facebook account, but not this one :(

As of today, the baby weighs a full ounce and is about the size of a plum.

Symptoms: Dry nose, insomnia at night/exhaustion during the day,
extreme hunger, cravings for salty food, leg hair growing more,
headaches and cramping everyday, sometimes almost all day

I've heard the leg hair and cravings are a sign of the
 testosterone surging
 through your body from a little boy,
 but of course they are old wives tales. 

I don't really care to the know the gender of the baby,
I would love for it to be a complete surprise,
but Wes is dying for a boy.
So of course, I am going to let him have his day 
and we are going to get an ultrasound when the time comes.

We have names picked out for both a boy
and a girl, but please don't ask. We want to keep that 
private and special until the new arrival gets here. 

I know I still have not made an update about our photo shoot,
but all in good time... all in good time ♥

I would like to end this post asking for prayers
for my dear grand daddy, Gendy.
They put him into the hospital Saturday, Sept 18
and did not release him until today, Sept 23

They do not know what happened, he just had a weak spell
he basically passed out.
I was not there to see witness it, but from what I've heard
it was a pretty scary moment

He is now at home resting
They have taken him off certain medications,
and have adjusted others,
but please continue to pray for his continued health

God is not through with him, yet.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Snow Days

ok so I know I said my next post would be about our photo shoot with Brittany Willis, but I just had to put this out there for you guys to read...

On the sixth day, God created men and women. On the
seventh day, He rested. Not so much to recuperate, but
rather prepare Himself for the work He was going 
to do on the next day. For it was on that day - the eighth 
day - that God created the first teacher.

This Teacher, though taken from among men and
women, had several significant modifications.
In general, God made the Teacher more durable than
other men and women. He made the Teacher tough... but
gentle, too. Into the Teacher God poured a 
generous amount of patience. He gave the Teacher
a heart slightly bigger than the average human heart.
And He gave the Teacher an abundant supply of hope.

When God finished creating the Teacher, He stepped
back and admired the work of His hands. And
God saw that the Teacher was good. Very good!
And God smiled, for when He looked at the Teacher, 
He saw into the future. He was placing the 
future in the hands of the Teacher. 

And because God loves Teachers so much, on the
ninth day God created "snow days"

During my internship I've had some pretty difficult days... this definitely makes up for it. Blessed are those who walk with the Lord

Also, Auburn plays Mississippi State tonight in about 10 minutes! so excited! WaRR EEagle!! Let's Go Cam Newton!!!