Monday, April 26, 2010

Visit to the Baby Doctor!!

well, we didnt get the news we were expecting. Hannah was soo perfect and I never had a problem with her so when I started actually feeling pregnant and having morning sickness with this one my first thought was, " I know this is what its supposed to feel like, but I really hope nothing is wrong".. Nothing is wrong, its just that my dates are different from their dates. I was a week off. which doesnt make any sense to me because I know exactly what day I started and all that jazz (I know that might be a little personal, but i dont really care anymore) Doc has me at 6w1d and I thought I was 7w1d. Weird. he wants me to come back next monday for another ultrasound because the only thing they could see was the embryo sac. Scary. Doc mentioned the m-word (miscarriage) just because he didnt want me to freak out if anything happened like getting cramps or bleeding. he wanted me to be prepared. Which, at the time, I hated him for even thinking anything like that, but now that I've calmed down appreciate him telling us. talked to my mother in law and she said it could be a sign of twins... that it COULD.. not that it IS.. but that it COULD. Im frustrated and scared, but I know the Lord has us in His hands. His plan and His Word is perfect. All I am sure of right now is that this is going to be the longest week of my life! I dont mean to be mean or ugly by saying this, but we don't want "sorries".. we need prayers. Lots of prayers.

 Matthew 21:22 says "You can pray for anything, if you have faith, you will receive it."

We are putting this precious little life in His hands. He will not forsake His children.