Friday, October 12, 2012

God of Wonders

It's been a morning
a holy morning
Because the Lord spoke to me.
Well, actually He spoke to me two Sundays ago
He doesn't ALWAYS speak to me, but when He does, I listen

Every message I hear, I try to relate it to my role as a mother and encourager.
so when my pastor said "We're like children on a road trip to Disneyland. We know where we're going, but it doesn't stop us from whining and complaining along the way" it really hit home for me

That's so true. We know as Christians, as children of the Lord that we will step into eternity, we know our destination is Heaven,
and we have the nerve to complain about our lives on earth until that time comes

"Mom, are we there yet?"
"Dad, she's touching me!"
"IIIIII'm hungry!"
"IIIIII'm bored!"

You know you're on the way to Disneyland, but the trip isn't going exactly the way you want it to go and instead of being grateful that your parents are taking you to the "happiest place on earth" you're complaining.
Don't you think your parents would like a stress-free journey, too?

Well God used that little baby of mine this morning to show me another example..

baby isn't allowed in sissy's room mainly because that's where all of the girls' books are and I don't want baby ripping out those precious pages

So when she got quiet this morning, I knew exactly what had happened 
"See what had happened was" {Big Sissy left the door open}
and baby found the forbidden crayons
She was content playing on the floor and just picking them up, putting them down.
Picking them up and putting them back in the crayon box.

She was perfectly content, even though I, as her mother, knew it's not where she was meant to be

So I picked her up, picked up her crayons, with the intention of bringing her into the kitchen so she could color in her highchair with minimal damage to anything else...

What do you think happened next?

{She arched that back the only way a toddler knows how}

and about fell out of my arms

Isn't it amazing how quickly a toddler can turn into dead weight?

Granted, she thought she was in trouble
Granted, she didn't know where she was going

But I knew what I was trying to do for her
I wanted to move her so she could spend time with me while I worked on other things
{God moves you so you can be closer to Him}
I moved her so she would be safer

and that little stinker fought me the whole way.

and here she is, 5 minutes later, safely in her highchair and coloring away. 
Happy as a clam
She was never in any harm, she was never in any danger
She was ultimately getting what she wanted, just in a different way

So if it's so easy for us to understand something from a parental point of view, why is it so hard for us as Christians to understand that God wants what's best for us
and that we are never in any danger while we are under His care...?

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