Tuesday, October 2, 2012

terrible tuesday

today hasn't been a good day. at all. 
but it's been a fabulous day all in the same.

woke up late.
made breakfast.
ate breakfast.
got big girl off to school, and came home
realized I was supposed to take my dad to the airport today
so I got together everything he asked me to bring over to him before he left
got the baby ready
got her bag ready
made myself presentable
drove an our and a half to south Montgomery Co
baby threw up on the way to "gan-fathers"
had to clean up baby puke
had to spot clean a carseat
had to clean baby
had to change clothes

had to take my dad to the airport in a puke/lysol spray smelling car
had to change baby's clothes because the cleaner didn't dry and she looked like she wet her pants
baby didnt eat any lunch at all because she filled up on cheerios
now I have to wash the carseat
now I have to wash two extra sets of clothes 
already had to wash bed sheets
already had a large to do list today 
and yes, I'm hiding out
I still have dinner to cook and clean up after
I still have tubby time
I still have a husband to encourage, and be there for

God promises an abundant life
He also says that there will be trials and tribulations
It's up to me to decide what today was for me.. a blessing or a curse?

I think it's strange how the Holy Spirit works
when you carry the Holy Spirit with you, you truly have a peace about you

Instead of letting every little thing bother me and sour me I let go and let God because
I got to spend the day with my daddy nothing was going to get in the way of enjoying that time with him. 

Have you ever had a day where NOTHING seemed to go right?
Did you use that day as a blessing or did you let it curse you?
Did you make your Heavenly Father proud?

I'd love to crawl up in the bed and let my husband take care of himself and the kids but that makes for a grumpy and ungrateful husband. who wants that?

I hope this post blessed you today! 
and don't forget to thank your Heavenly Father for all the wonderful things
He's done for you today 



  1. Oh I have so many of those days lol

    It can be overwhelming, but you just gotta take it for what it is, and I've found that when I fight it, the worst it is for me...now I just laugh through it all lol

    Hope your day tomorrow is better :)

  2. Oh I SO needed to read this today. I have had one of those days today. After reading your post, I realized that yeah things went wrong and work was crazy, but I still have a wonderful husband and kids and I even got to talk to my brother today whom I haven't talked to in about 2 months. Life is good.

    Hope tomorrow is better for you!

  3. You make a good point -- we definitely need to remember the blessings we have even during bad days!

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog and being a new follower! =)

  4. Yikes what a day! I'm not sure I would have made it through without a meltdown! Tomorrow will be better!


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