Thursday, November 29, 2012

TTC {Thursdays}

Well here we are ladies.. I think it's been a while since I updated on this particular topic lol

I'm sitting in the carpool lane at big girl's school with baby and hubby after a long day of errands and Christmas, so please forgive the lack of TTC posts lately, but this is what my Thursdays has consisted of lately.

Now onto our update... We still don't know what we really want. Our children's minister, and my dear friend Mrs. Lauri, came over to the house the other day and we talked about it for at least an hour and a half! Of course she wants us to take a leap of faith and go for it!!

Heck, I WANT TO GO FOR IT! At this point I don't really care about a November baby anymore, just a fall baby... The only thing holding me back is going into interviews pregnant... Visibly pregnant. I don't want my choice to continue my family to hinder my chances of getting my dream job!

My totally amazing yet incredibly frustrating husby wants whatever I want... He's amazing because he doesn't want to tell me no but he's frustrating because he won't tell me what he wants! Does anyone else have an incredible husband like that?

So I guess what I'm updating is to tell you that there is still no update... Again :(

Oh, and something totally random... I'm working on a crocheted stocking pattern and its about to drive me batty!

I've been to two different craft stores and no one knows what it means... I've looked for videos online, I've called RedHeart Yarns and can't get anyone to answer! I'm about to completely give up!

Here's a {link} to the pattern... and it's the foot part that's frustrating me. If it makes sense to anyone else, PLEASE contact me :)

Now that I've vented, I hope everyone has a fabulous day

Oh, and give that hubby and hug and kiss for working so hard for you this week.. he deserves it

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