Monday, May 28, 2012


     I was going to post a Happy Homemaker Monday, but today is special. Not only because it's Memorial Day, but because Miss Maddie is fourteen months old today. Fourteen. It doesn't seem like that much time has passed since she was born. I love how her birthday falls around Easter. Her birthday and her name coincide together so well. I remember her first Easter like it was yesterday... She was three weeks old.

Easter, 2011
as big as a bunny

     And here she is today. Still teeny, still bald. But she has eight teeth, and (in my opinion) starting to look like me more and more everyday! She loves our 3 year old puppydog. She's very passionate with her life. When she's mad, hungry, or tired you know it. Her favorite foods are salmon, broccoli and wild rice. I think if she could eat that every night she would actually put on some weight, haha. She is strong-willed and she is definitely the head of the family. What she says, goes.

     Being supermommy can be quite overwhelming at times, but when I see sweet little smiles like the one above, it makes all my struggles to provide worth it. I know that being completely devoted to my husband and children has earned me a special place in my Father's heart.

Thank you, little one for the laughs and love shared these passed 23 months. I know you will bless the next 23 :)

 - Mommy

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