Tuesday, June 26, 2012

tuesday thoughts

family story.

I am blessed to have the husband that I have. He has a high stress job and works all day at that job. I hate how the stress of that job affects him. He also works very hard not to bring that stress home because he knows how important it is to me to enjoy our family time. Even with all that work and all that stress he still finds the time and energy to facilitate bath time so I can clean the kitchen from dinner. Sometimes we turn the tables and he "sorta-kinda" cleans the kitchen for me. During one of those nights I asked him to load the dishwasher for me and I would finish cleaning after tubby-time. He flat out refused and said he would do anything and everything else except load the dishwasher... and that got me to thinkin'.

Isn't that what he do to God all the time?

God - "Hey, I need you to plant a seed for me... Are you up for it?"
Us - "Well... I don't know, God... I mean, it would be uncomfortable for me to talk to someone about you. Can I do anything else?"

We are given strengths and weaknesses by God to glorify Him. Some people sing. Some people teach. Some people are really good at empathizing... and when God asks us to step out of that comfort zone and exercise that weak muscle it makes us uneasy. We start to question our abilities. And we flat-out are not willing to do it.

We could save thousands of souls if we would just follow the path God has set out for us to follow, but instead we refuse to go outside of our comfort zone. I myself take responsibility for doing the same thing.

When my little one is shining her light into the darkness I try and quiet her because I don't want to ruffle feathers.. I don't do it because I don't want to keep his kingdom to myself. I do it because I don't want an adult telling my child that the #1 thing she believes in is a joke, or isn't right. I need to be more bold in my relationships and in my ministry... I need to flex my weak muscle and be the guiding force in my children's lives and be the spiritual LEADER when my husband isn't there to do it. We need to stop being so scared to step into the darkness, because with God's love, we have a light to illuminate our path. 

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