Sunday, October 17, 2010

Living Like A LaVecchia

As I checked my facebook this morning, I noticed my friend Christen FINALLY updated her blog after the birth of her first daughter, Emery Lynn on October 1. Little Emery Lynn was born 7 weeks premature and only weighed 4 lbs 14 oz!  I was extremely humbled and blessed by Christen's entry this morning, because I know God is using that little girl to already change lives. Because of our small little two-bedroom house, Wes and I are not able to give our little bumble a nursery... AND IM COMPLAINING about that. I've got a healthy family, a healthy baby growing inside me and I'm complaining about not being able to give him/her a nursery?! Little Emery Lynn is now 2 almost 3 weeks old now and still hasn't been able to go home with her mommy and daddy and I'm complaining about a nursery?!

I just wanted to give Christen and her husband, Mitch reassurance that your little fighter is getting bigger and stronger everyday, and that no matter how frustratingly slow her progress is, God truly is using her for good. Especially in my life :)

If you are interested in keeping up with Little Emery Lynn here is a link to Christen's blog:

Continue to keep Emery Lynn in your prayers for a quick recovery and a safe trip home :)

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