Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cat in the Hat

As Hannah awoke me this morning at her "late" 6:45am calling I turned on her cartoons to find Cat in the Hat cartoons on PBS! what a joy! I knew they played in the afternoons, but I didn't know they played this early on a Saturday morning :)

This week has been pretty difficult and joyous all at the same time (in terms of the miracle growing inside me). Monday, I just was NOT hungry around dinner time so i nibbled. Tuesday morning, I still wasn't hungry.... strange bc I could always eat. Even if I wasn't pregnant, I would think about food all the time. It's just who I am. So I had a cup of coffee, my one caffeinated beverage of the day, and went off to work.  (but before I left, I felt her kick/punch me! ouch, did it ever hurt) My cooperating teacher asked me to take the students on an unscheduled bathroom break while she taught a small group math lesson. I was standing in the hall, watching my girls and I started feeling icky... and I know that feeling. I started feeling really hot, and my ears starting ringing very loudly. I headed back into the  classroom and got a diet sprite out of the frig because I knew my blood sugar was about to bottom out. I never fell over, but I blacked out twice on the way to the teacher's restroom. I knew those kids thought I was crazy or something. For the rest of the day I felt hungeover and I felt like I was passing a kidney stone :( strange if you ask me.

Wednesday was a better day, but Thursday I was a ball of nerves. We had an appt that afternoon for my quad testing and for an early gender ultrasound.. My husband and I (along with countless others) were convinced that we were having a boy.... mommy and daddy's intuitions turned out to be wrong... again.. IT'S A GIRL! I can't wait to see how much like Hannah this little one will look like. Only 6 more months to go.

I tell you what though. There's a lot more painful ligament stretching and braxton hicks than I remember the first go around. Yes, I said it, braxton hicks. At only 16 weeks. I guess that's one more reason I need to be "taking it easy" at home ;)

Just like every Saturday, I can't leave you without saying one thing...  Auburn is playing LSU today in AUBURN. Both teams are undefeated  and it's going to be a blood bath, all out war.. the very essence of football. my poor hubby is at work, but you better believe sweet Hannah and I are going to be cheering loud enough for all four of us!

WarR Cam EAGLE!!

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