Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tornadoes and the Lord

I think that title perfectly describes this past week.   I think the title perfectly describes every week, but particularly describes the events in our household this past week. Either that or filling a blender with flour, turning it on and neglecting to the place the lid on AT ALL!

I've been praying on a few things that God has laid on my heart, taking a few small notes, planning some small projects for our first week of school, preparing my house for a birthday party, and striving to find the time to craft a few custom orders. All that while, searching for the grace I know is deep inside my heart, even though I hear sharp words whipping from my tongue.

Our oldest had a birthday party on Saturday, in which we spent weeks budgeting for all the little trinkets, decorations, and items used to entertain her friends for just a few hours out of the day. Water balloons, slip n slides, baby pools, chalkboards to announce "THE DESTINATION IS ON YOUR LEFT - YOU HAVE ARRIVED". Not to mention the food... oh, the food. It was a joyous occasion having the laughter of our family and friends fill our sanctuary. But can I be honest for a moment? {or at least get a "Bless Your Heart"?} I was a mad woman for an entire week - purging the house of all its suffocating clutter, moving it to the master closet {naturally}, and then placing it back to its rightful throne so it could actually function for the family.. Five days, people.. FIVE!!!

We've always filled our home with worship in the morning. After breakfast, the praises of the Lord spill from our speakers life a life giving flow. The children are ushered into their wing of the house to wash their freckle-kissed faces, throw the dust off their covers, and clean up laundry off the floor so I can wash it {since I'm obviously too lazy sort through it myself}.

In the back of my mind I hope that this life giving flow will subconsciously induce them into obedience and hard work. {Please tell me I'm not the only one} Sometimes it works and my house transforms into a living breathing rendition of Snow White. In my mind's eye, I picture my children as cute little woodland creatures washing the dishes, gathering cob webs, and fending off dust bunnies. Other times I'm desperate to get through this house-cleaning charade without them losing respect for me, or crawling into the fetal position in a corner, praying for my husband to rescue me for the fire-breathing dragon I've learned to call my home. Most often times I just wish the hubs would tell me he thinks all the toys and blanket forts in the living room add to the charm of our family.

This morning's worship was brought straight from the Lord's heart to my ears. I hear the crescendo of the beat building throughout the house. I've heard these words so many times before... They've touched my heart and soul in so many ways that I can't recollect them all. I stopped for a moment, in my desperation, I think to hear something worthwhile instead of the clamouring of children and construction. I closed my eyes as tears started to pour down my cheeks in complete awe of this Holy Spirit that I fondly refer to as my Heavenly Father. With hands raised high and swaying back and forth like only a mother does I heard the gentle whispers of love:

You give life, you give love 
You bring light to the darkness
You give hope, you restore
Every heart that is broken


All the Earth will shout your praise
Our hearts will cry these bones will sing
Great are You, Lord

~ All Sons and Daughters

Those were the first words I heard from the Lord this morning. Give Life. Give Love. Which is the greatest commandment of all. 


Whatever is going on in your life, your example is needed. You have children that literally depend on you for their every need. Whether it be to change a diaper, feed a hungry tummy, lending a gentle word when they are feeling anxious. Their father needs a comforting meal and an embrace after a long day's work. Your children need to see that embrace. They need to see that loyalty. They need to see the physical love that you have for one another through mutual service.

Our children need to see love through action. Will you pray for me this week that I can give that kind of love to my husband and my children? Pray that I can be a light in this world, not just in my house. Pray that love becomes so infectious that it pours from our backyard, into our neighborhood and into our communities.

Loving God Greatly today,

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