Thursday, July 7, 2016

I Once Was Lost But Now I'm Found

The last three years of our lives have been a beautiful organized mass of chaos. Definitely not an adventure that can be covered in just one semi-inaugural post. 

In those missing years, I've had time to grow my spiritual walk with my Heavenly Father. 

He's placed some of the strongest, God-fearing women I could possibly get my hands on, I've jotted down every snippet of life giving truth and locked it away in my heart that I could possibly get my hands on. These beautiful women have given me so much to think about. I find myself questioning the relationship I have with my sweet Jesus - in a good way, of course. It's caused me to dig deeper into His Word, and given me the intestinal fortitude to turn away from that which can't encourage me or bring me joy. 

I am human, after all. I'm still navigating the burden of sin in my heart, and around those in my life. Isn't it amazing how we can be so full of Christ's love and yet, still give in to the temptation of the flesh? I know I do every single day, give in to this temptation of sin, whether it be fleeting, or compounding. 

I promise that I will share this new voyage into motherhood with transparency and authenticity. 

So there you have it, friends. Grab a coffee, sweet tea, or Arnold Palmer, perhaps. I welcome you on this journey of motherhood. The craziness. The confusion. The poop. Oh so much poop! 

I have no idea where this little blog might go. I have no idea what MY soul wants to express. I just pray that every time I sit down to my quiet little corner, and express the desires of my heart to each of you, that I can also express Christ's love for you. 

You are so much more than "just a mom"! As I tell my girls daily: You are the daughter of a King. You are the daughter of our Lord Jesus. You are the daughter of our God, Most High! You are Cherished, Loved, Covered, and Redeemed! His love for you is immeasurable! There is nothing you can do to halt that love! 

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