Monday, January 3, 2011

great expectations.

Where would we be as a nation if no one held standards or expectations of success of it's citizens? As a country we expect our politicians to put aside their personal beliefs and to follow through with the desires of the constituents. If we vote you into office and you don't meet our expectations we are going to vote you out and that's that. But what do you expect from yourself? How high are your standards to be a better person?

I'm not one to follow the crowd so I usually don't make New Year's Resolutions. It used to be because I was too lazy to care, but now it's because I don't really see the point because year after year it's a basic standard I think everyone should possess.

I was always a believer, raised in a Baptist church, but on May 17, 2009 I made my public profession of faith. At first, I developed a voracious appetite for His Word. I was bound and determined to relate a 2000 year old book to my modern day life. I don't know exactly when it happened but I hit a big plateau, much like someone losing weight, I was no longer seeing my hard work pay off.... But why? Because I no longer expected anything from myself. I became complacent. I wanted the insurance policy but didn't want to make the monthly premiums. I didn't think of my journey, my relationship with God was supposed to be hard. I thought that since I finally accepted Him that these things would come naturally to me, and I think that's where most believers make the same mistakes that I made. They start to expect credit without doing the work.

 I'm not sure when I started to overcome my complacency but I now know that I am not the follower I need to be. I am not the homemaker I need to be with the washing and the cooking. I have no motivation to get out into the world and put my college degree to use. What I am motivated to do is to get my butt off the couch and make sure that my home is the sanctuary my husband and daughters need to rest their souls from the challenges of the outside world.

 A friend of mine told me the other day that she needed a break from taking a break. I am starting to agree with her. I have become so comfortable with expecting others to take care of me that it's starting to make me sick. I've played the victim card for way too long and it's time to get back into the swing of things. I've got a daughter coming in 13 weeks so it's time to get my act together. Yes, it's going to be a struggle because I'm going to be out of the house more and I'm going to have another tiny wonder depending on me for everything, but if I can complete one expectation of myself each and everyday then I know I will have made one step closer to my calling in life - being the best wife, mother, and homemaker I can be!

I would have graduated in December with a Bachelor's in Elementary Education, but because of some failing grades, my graduation date has been moved to May 2011. By the time I graduate, it will have taken five years for me to earn this degree. Literally, a lot of money, time, and dedication has gone into my education. With that being said, and with teaching jobs being on the slim, I am not expecting a teaching job any time soon. Yes, I want to be able to put my education to use. Yes, I want to fulfill my life long dream of raising a productive citizen in the classroom setting. I have to look at my family first. God gave me a husband and a child before He gave me a teaching job and they will always be my priority. I expect myself to get a job (and so does my husband, bless his heart) but I am not going to become frustrated if it takes a while to get a teaching job.

My expectations
do NOT go to bed without all the dishes being washed and put away.
wash a load of laundry every night.
read a devotional with Hannah before saying our 'bed-night' prayers.
drinking only water. (I think this might be the hardest for me to do)

They might not look like much but these are not my New Year's Resolutions, these are my New Day's Expectations. If I can complete each of these expectations everyday then I know I will be one step closer to being the homemaker God intended for me to be.

I have been inaugurated into God's congress. I have fully accepted this assignment. If I don't fulfill my assignment why would God keep voting me into office. The only way I am going to have eternal success is if I follow His Word. I have to work hard and pay my premiums in order to have my insurance coverage. If I stop making my payments my policy is cancelled. No questions asked.

My prayer for you this year is of health 
joy and peace.

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