Wednesday, December 8, 2010

are you sure it's a girl?

23 weeks today means that I'm 6 months pregnant. 23 weeks today means I have 16-17 weeks left. that means 4 months... 4 MONTHS people.

as some of you know we found out the gender very early on at 16 weeks. another sweet little girl.
Needless to say, everyone was surprised! There wasn't any disappointment on my part..  but my husband's reaction was another story.

I think Wes struggled a little bit with the news at first. His heart was set on having a boy just so he could have someone to carry on the family name. I don't want to say that I struggled with any misgivings, but I did feel like I let him down a little bit at first.

So how did I finally let go of my disappointment?

With God's help.

Two Sundays ago, my minister presented a sermon that I definitely needed to hear. One God knew I needed to hear. The sermon was entitled "When God Says No". There are several different reasons God tells you no. Sometimes it's because it's not what God has planned for your life, and other times it's because when God tells you no it's because you're asking selfishly.

When Hannah turned three Wes and I started talking about expanding our family and from then on we prayed for a boy.. So when we were given the glorious news of having another girl I was slightly confused. I prayed to God and asked why? I thought we had this one in the bag. We had an amazing God fearing little girl, we had prayed for a boy for the longest time so why bless us with another girl? I couldn't understand.

All throughout this sermon I began to ask myself these questions.. What was my reason for God telling me no? Did Wes and I selfishly ask for a boy? Did God have a better plan for us and our family?

 Then it hit me. Only a girl could bless Wes and me with grandchildren. Yes, a boy can as well but it's not the same. If that be the reason God chose another little girl for us to raise then I say BRING IT. Bring on all the little girls we can handle. Hair bows, dresses, and bloomers oh my!

Since then I've owned this pregnancy! I've accepted it with open arms. I've not complained tried not to complain about too many things. Every kick to the bladder, every braxton hicks, every hunger pain has almost gone unnoticed by my husband.. at least hopefully it has because I hope I haven't turned into one of those people that complains so much that I don't even notice it anymore.

List of Symptoms
pretty painful braxton hicks daily
ligament stretching
extreme hungry/hearty appetite
colostrum has definitely come in
strange, vivid dreams
dry nose
intermittent changes of nesting and exhaustion

Next appointment is next Thursday and I'm very excited to see how much progression we've made :)

Pic of Baby Girl at 23 weeks

I can definitely see progression in growth, but only from week to week
pictures... I look a lot smaller than this in person

In my opinion, of course ;)

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